Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Sector

A leader in fully-integrated oilfield service operations for upstream oil & gas industry.


GDMC is a leading fully-integrated oilfield service operator that specializes in well intervention using coiled tubing, slickline, pumping, and filtering. The company also provides testing and maintenance services for oilfield operational and maintenance services. GDMC operates in oil fields across Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The company is committed to quality and excellence in service delivery using the latest technologies available in the field.


AlKhalid Inks provides a wide range of ink pigments and color materials for packaging, publication, commercial, and industrial products. Established in 1995, the company continues to maintain its commitment to quality and customer service. AlKhalid INKS solutions enable manufacturers and marketers to better manage brand colors to ensure end product integrity in packaging. AlKhalid INKS is the exclusive representative of Sun Chemical, one of the world’s leading providers of inks, pressroom products, and color materials