Mishary Zaid AlKhalid

Mr. Mishary Zaid AlKhalid

Group Chairman

Mishary Zaid AlKhalid is the Group Chairman and the chief architect of the Group’s vision and growth strategy. He has been the guiding force of the Group for over 60 years.  His wisdom and deep understanding of the macroeconomy of Kuwait and the region have enabled the Group to successfully navigate through various economic cycles and expand operations to multiple business sectors. Mishary’s journey started in 1962 when he founded the AlKhalid Aluminum and AlKhalid Fisheries in 1964.  Since then, he has dynamically diversified the Group business portfolio across several sectors, including Gas & oil, retail, manufacturing, engineering and automotive sectors.

Mishary continues to lead the Group with vigor and determination, driving strategic initiatives, fostering a culture of achievements and ensuring sustainable growth. Mishary plays an active role in supporting the Group’s operation, emphasizing quality, efficiency and values.

Over the years, Mishary has held several leadership positions in reputable organizations in Kuwait.

Vice Chairman, Kuwait Foreign Investment Company.
Vice Chairman, Bank of Kuwait & Senegal.
President, Commercial Facilities Company.
President, Arab Financial Advisors.
President, United Poultry Company.
Board member, Ajman Cement.
Board member, United Bank of Kuwait.
Board member, Ship Repair & Building Company.