Industrial Sector

Diversified business that specializes in multiple industries and product lines, including high-quality elevators, aluminum frame manufacturing, and plastic manufacturing.


AlKhalid Aluminum, founded in 1963, is a leading aluminum plant that supplies the latest aluminum products to the Kuwait’s construction industry. The factory spans over 4,000 square meters and is dedicated to high-capacity, high-quality production utilizing the latest technology equipment.  Technical and operational staff are committed to international standards, attention to details and thorough testing to ensure the production of high-quality products with superior design.


AlKhalid Plastic is one of the leading plastic production companies in Kuwait, offering a complete range of polythene bags. The company employs advanced production equipment and qualified human cadres and supervisors with distinct administrative experience to meet the requirements of the market and customers’ needs. AlKhalid Plastic’s dedicated and professional team works tirelessly to ensure speedy processing of orders, punctual deliveries, and fast response to any customer queries.


Hazem Elevators offers high-quality elevator solutions for residential, retail, business towers, offices, commercial and multiuse buildings. With a team of highly trained mechanics and support staff, Hazem Elevators provides tailored solutions to customers by selecting the right products and maintenance services to make elevator journeys more fulfilling and increase the lifespan of the solutions. Hazem Elevators has installed elevators in Kuwait Ministry buildings, factories, malls, commercial & residential buildings and retail stores.