Al Khalid Dewatering & Shoring Co. initially started on 1st June 2000 as a Dewatering division under Al Khalid Engineering & Contracting Co. for the purpose of carrying out Dewatering works for their own projects in Kuwait with 6 Dewatering Pump Sets with accessories and a mobile drill rig to do the drilling works. This Division carried out dewatering works in major projects like Sabah Psychiatric Hospital Project (MPW), Shuwaikh, College of Legislative Studies Project, Kuwait University. By mid 2001, Al Khalid Dewatering Division established its own infrastructure under Mr. Milcho Spirovski and successfully completed several short term projects buildings, shafts for pipe jacking, culverts, pipelines, schools etc. for various companies. 

Beginning 2004, Mr. Finlay C. McLuskey who has had nearly 30 years of experience in Dewatering activities, and had worked in several countries including years in Kuwait joined the company as Projects Manager. We had set up our own independent office in Mina Abdullah and started our operation from there. We had accumulated equipment for workshops and set up a fully operational workshop in Mina Abdullah yard. During 2004, the company made giant strides in acquiring several major projects with renowned companies which resulted in an increase in manpower, acquisition of more dewatering equipment & accessories, vehicles, stock yard, workshops, etc bringing in an excellent turnover. 

The year 2005 saw us breaking away from the parent company and becoming an independently functioning enterprise. We now started out as 'Al Khalid Dewatering & Shoring Company'. 

Year 2006, the future in Shoring, Piling, Dewatering by deep wells and wellpoints looks promising. A lot of new projects were on offer in the next few years in which our specialist services could utilized. Keeping in mind the rapid growth and expansion of the company in the past few years, in order to proceed along with our expansion plans, it was necessary for us to recruit extra skilled personnel such as engineers, equipment operators, etc., and procure requisite materials/equipments. It is also to be noted that our Projects Managers and they are experts in the area of Ground / Excavation stabilization Specialist works. Under their management along with our well experienced skilled manpower, we successfully carried out major projects and are confident to continue successfully in the future.

In keeping with our expansion plans, we have purchased more specialized equipment especially an ABI Piling Rig with accessories for deep well drilling, Liebherr-942 Piling/Drilling Rig, Liebherr-941 Piling/Drilling Rig, C6S Anchor Rig, C6 Anchor Rig, JCB, Loader, Crane and other transportation Vehicles and added to our fleet. We are confident that we can compete in the market in the same field. Presently, we are one amongst 3-4 companies who are capable of successfully completing large scale dewatering, shoring, sheet piles work in Kuwait. We are quoting for large projects in ground stabilization works. In addition to equipment, we have also increased our manpower (technical & management) to a higher level which is sufficient to meet the demands of work to the present market requirements.

In a short span of 10 years, we have successfully completed a total of about 250 projects. We would like to state that our company which started with a small capital investment has now grown in to an enterprise with abundant manpower, equipment and infrastructure without any outstanding debts or financial liabilities. In addition, we have earned good will and respect in the market. We are constantly improving our equipment fleet, manpower, infrastructure etc in order to meet with future demands in Kuwait. We also have plans to branch out to various other works related to our scope of works. Our ambition is to be a leading company in this field in Kuwait.

Telephone: + 965 22623383 (Head-Office)
Fax: + 965 22623382 (Head-Office)

Address:  Al-Khalid Dewatering & Shoring Co.
               10th Floor, Zainah Tower,
                Bin Khaldun Street, Hawally